West Coast Love: Mina + Olya


I am in love with Mina + Olya, a San Francisco based sustainable fashion brand.  Their work is luxurious and sophisticated, which is exactly what the sustainable fashion market needs. They use the highest quality organic textiles made in mills that practice environmentally friendly techniques and all of their garments are created in the US.  Mina + Olya’s design aesthetic is a downtown girl with a bit of an edge and their pieces are easy-to-wear staples that will keep you feeling cool all season long. I pretty much want everything they currently have for sale and their Fall 2014 collection is amazing.

 Mina + Olya use their Iranian and Russian roots in subtle design elements. The result is a collection of well-made clothes that are not only fashion-forward but are made to last a lifetime. Taking care of the planet and looking great has never been easier.

 The images below are of their Spring 2013 collection which is currently for sale on their site.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All images courtesy of Mina + Olya.


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