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West Coast Love: Mina + Olya


I am in love with Mina + Olya, a San Francisco based sustainable fashion brand.  Their work is luxurious and sophisticated, which is exactly what the sustainable fashion market needs. They use the highest quality organic textiles made in mills that practice environmentally friendly techniques and all of their garments are created in the US.  Mina + Olya’s design aesthetic is a downtown girl with a bit of an edge and their pieces are easy-to-wear staples that will keep you feeling cool all season long. I pretty much want everything they currently have for sale and their Fall 2014 collection is amazing.

 Mina + Olya use their Iranian and Russian roots in subtle design elements. The result is a collection of well-made clothes that are not only fashion-forward but are made to last a lifetime. Taking care of the planet and looking great has never been easier.

 The images below are of their Spring 2013 collection which is currently for sale on their site.

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All images courtesy of Mina + Olya.


“Homestead” by Caroline Onzik


This past week was the senior collection fashion show for the Art Institute of Portland. I checked out everyone’s collection and was blown away by the amount of talent and hard work that I saw but one person in particular really stood out to me. Caroline Onzik created a collection based on utilitarian work-wear from the 1930′. The collection was both beautiful and functional. She stated that her inspiration was from the outdoors and always wanting what the boys had. “I really just wanted it to be utilitarian, something that a woman can put her hands and all of her tools in the pockets, and she won’t blow out the knees because they’re reinforced, but she also looks really good with all that functionality,” says Onzik. “For some reason women have had to make that choice between good-looking and functional since the beginning of time.” The looks were created with recycled denim which was an important aspect of Onzik’s collection. Caroline stated that protecting our planet was a big focus for her and that doing something sustainable was necessary.


Onzik’s collection was filled with reconstructed denim that looked effortless and fresh and jumpsuits that were reminiscent of Carhart work wear but for a fashion forward young woman.  As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of western inspired fashion, I was in love with the styling that made the looks more downtown and less hoedown. The camel colored jumpsuits with leather details were absolutely beautiful and the ankle boots tied the looks together in a way that made them seem like I could see a number of women wearing these looks while hanging out around town. Caroline Onzik created a stunning collection that embodies what functional fashion is all about. I’m excited to see what else she has in store for us.

Images courtesy of Portland Fashion Week.

Quotes courtesy of The Oregonian


This past week was filled with long hours and not enough sleep so I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend. Luckily, the sun is out and it helps make long days go by faster. Over the week, I’ve found some great new blogs and designers that I can’t wait to share with you in the upcoming week. With that said, I’ve complied a list of links of articles and blog posts that I can’t wait to explore. I hope you enjoy them as well. Have a wonderfully productive (or relaxing) weekend!

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  • Ron Issac’s Trompe L’oeil painted constructions shows the beauty of melding fashion and nature together. (via I Need a Guide)

West Coast Love: The Podolls

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The Podolls are a San Francisco based sustainable design team who create all of their items in the city using handcrafted fabrics from India and Japan. The result is an effortlessly cool aesthetic filled with pieces any west coast woman would want to add to their staples. The husband and wife duo met when Josh Podolls contacted Lauren Bodall, who was a buyer at a local boutique, about creating some graphic tees. They realized they shared the same interests in art, design, and simple well-made clothes. It was all uphill from there. Their spring collection consisted of easy-to-wear dresses, button down shirts, tailored bags, and a pair of beautifully made denim coveralls. If you’re looking for something that is not only good for the earth but easy on the eyes, check out The Podolls.

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Images courtesy of The Podolls.