Another week filled with rain but I’m hopeful that sunshine is in our near future. This week has been slightly crazy with finals for school, a long work week, and some not-so-great-news from home. I’m seriously looking forward to some time to myself this weekend and a chance to catch up on all of my favorite blogs.  I hope you all had a productive and happy week and now it’s time to enjoy the weekend. Here’s a short list of some interesting reads regarding all things fashion and lifestyle related:

  • In case you haven’t had a chance to check out some of the best looks from the Met Gala. (Via Who What Wear)
  • Narciso Rodriquez’s collaboration with Bottletop to create sustainable fashion accessories. (Via Ecouterre)
  • Check out this young woman’s self-portraits that reflect popular and counter-culture styles from the last 100 years. (Via Buzzfeed)
  • Spring and summer are the perfect times to take vacations that revolve around being active in the outdoors. Here’s a list of the best ones to take. (Via Greatist)
  • Still need to get your mom something for Mother’s Day? How about a DIY botanical project. (via Free People)
  • What do Kristen Steward and the Wild West have in common? Apparently the new Chanel ad. (Via Fashion Gone Rogue)
  • Check out the AWEAR2014 campaign which brings eco-conscious fashion lovers together. (Via AWEAR2014)


This past week was filled with long hours and not enough sleep so I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend. Luckily, the sun is out and it helps make long days go by faster. Over the week, I’ve found some great new blogs and designers that I can’t wait to share with you in the upcoming week. With that said, I’ve complied a list of links of articles and blog posts that I can’t wait to explore. I hope you enjoy them as well. Have a wonderfully productive (or relaxing) weekend!

  • Need to take a weekend trip somewhere warm? Check out this guide to LA. (via The Coveteur)
  • I’m thinking about redoing my apartment in the near future so these tips for sustainable interior design will come in handy. (via Apartment Therapy)
  • This fashion editorial is a beautiful representation (and maybe somewhat stereotypical) of Portlanders. (via Marrow Mag)
  • These diary entries are amazing examples of the difficulties of growing up. ( via Rookie Mag)
  • A great guide to finding your signature style using spring trends. ( via Clementine Daily)
  • Ron Issac’s Trompe L’oeil painted constructions shows the beauty of melding fashion and nature together. (via I Need a Guide)


Weekend mornings are my favorite part of the week. I get to take my time waking up, make myself something slightly fancy for breakfast (ok, not really but it’s something better than what I blindly reach for on my way out the door Monday through Friday), and lounge around outside for a little while. With my weekend morning traditions comes my favorite part: reading all of the articles and blog posts I added to my Reading List throughout the week on my Macbook. It’s so nice to be able to devout some time to reading about things that inspire and fascinate me.

With that said, I’m planning on making “TGIF” a weekly installment where I post all of these findings in a hope that it may inspire or fascinate you as well. Some of the links will be related to sustainable fashion but not all of them will because life requires a bit of variety and I’m more than happy to oblige with that particular requirement. I hope you all enjoy it and have a weekend filled with whatever brings you the most happiness.

  • These prints are to die for. They are absolutely amazing and inspire me to make the most of this spring and summer. (via Honestly WTF)
  • Fashion Revolution Day came out of the tragedy of the Rana Plaza Collapse last year (via EcoSalon)
  • It’s time for me to get my summer reading list together and this list gave me some great ideas. (Via BuzzFeed)
  • Amour Vert, a sustainable fashion brand located in San Francisco, is making me want everything and anything in tangerine. (Via Amour Vert)
  • Mixing menswear pieces into my wardrobe just got a little bit easier. (via Refinery29)
  • Stella McCartney has committed to becoming “Wildlife Friendly.” Like we all need another reason to love her. (via Ecouterre)