Thread: A Documentary.

Recently I came across a trailer for a new documentary entitled Thread which is about the social and environmental consequences of our consumer choices. The documentary aims to empower consumers to make decisions that directly benefit the planet and their own health and gives them insight into how damaging our current garment production practices really are. The statistics are  astounding when dealing with the sheer number of things wasted and polluted by the garment industry. What I found particularly interesting about Thread was how it doesn’t just point out all of the things we are doing wrong but it gives us different options to help start making it right. This documentary understands the importance of consumers making a stand by spending their money in places that use sustainable materials and practices. Understanding how damaging our mindset of “I need it right now and as cheap as possible!” is to our environment is one of the biggest steps towards changing the fashion industry. The makers of Thread understand that you shouldn’t have to choose between style and sustainability but that they should go hand-in-hand. The film is set to debut later this year and you can find more information about it here.